Jewish Events

Search no further – Avy is a consummate, expert professional for Jewish parties, with a lifetime of experience. Whatever your religious denomination, he is the go-to man for all your musical needs:

  • Full band – five pieces and upwards
    • Avy's band comprises the best talent in town, and he's equally comfortable with solely Jewish music or incorporating secular dancing as well.
  • Bandleader with your band of choice
    • Nouveaute, Simone Vitale, L'USA, Nightline – these are a few of the local Detroit bands Avy has transformed into authentic “simcha” bands for a rockin' hora dance set!
  • One-man (or two-man) hora dance band
    • Avy and his keyboard turn into an 8-piece band! With carefully programmed, energetic instrument parts, it's the closest thing to an actual live band. Option to incorporate an additional singer or other instruments.
  • Live piano/vocal candlelighting ceremonies
    • A wonderful, elegant alternative to a DJ for the candle-lighting.
  • Chazzan (cantor) for wedding ceremonies
  • Solo pianist for cocktail hours/receptions
  • KOL ZIMRA – Jewish A Cappella
    • Founded in 2000, Kol Zimra has entertained audiences around the world. See the Kol Zimra website,, for additional details, reviews, and samples that will blow you away! Can combine with Avy's one-man band, or a full band.
Jeremy Kaye (groom) Rebecca Gilad (bride) Joel Schaumberg (father of bride) Barbara Kreitman (mother of bat-mitzvah girl) Karen Steinway, mother of bride, Scottsdale, AZ Shari Graham (bride) Marisol Manriquez, bride, Flint, MI Nathan Gonik (Groom) Rhona Fidler (mother of bride) Tova Lange (bride) Amiel Naiman (father of groom)